About Our Business
   I am the fourth generation in my family in the contruction industry.  Since 1837 my great
grandfather taught his son a tradition of construction knowledge; my grandfather had
five sons that he instructed as my father taught me.

This day and age few traditions have survived and many advance technologies have
changed the way we construct residential and commercial buildings.  I started every
summer learning the fundamentals of construction until graduation from high school.  I
continued working with my father for six years then moved to Charlotte North Carolina in

I worked for residential builders, commercial builders continuing with detail project
management and the developing construction progression.  The question has often
been ask, and many have advertised in regard to quality.  A generic term that has many
ions but should be defined as conformity to a detailed specification.

A product of excellent quality should not only have a great cosmetic look of the product
but the conformance of lasting materials that should last a life time of use.  Maintenance
of product according to specifications and manufa
cturer to follow a regiment of
nce of the cosmetics of the product is mandatory for a life time of use.

From my experience many have invested a great deal in there home and commercial
businesses and yet fail to maintain the structures and then have to totally renovate to
restore the building to it's former state at great cost.

What ever your construction project is, I would like to offer you my experience to make
your dream a reality.

If you are preparing your house or business property for sale we can offer our services
that will ensure that your house or property sell quickly.  We can repair in most cases
rather than replace items that are cosmetically not appealing that could cost you to lose
the selling of your property.  
About Us